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Playtech’s Iron Man Series of slots

As a slot player you will find you are strangely attracted to playing probably just a handful of slots when logged into a casino site. In fact as there are now hundreds of different slot games available at most casino sites you certainly have plenty of choice if you ever fancy trying something new!

However, as a player logged into a Playtech software powered casino site you are going to find there are quite a number of slots that make up a series of slots, and one of their most popular slot series are their Iron Man slots.

Whilst each of the three slots in this series all boast progressive jackpots, they also come with their own unique bonus games which can be triggered from any base game spin.

The progressive jackpots are known as Marvel Jackpots, and when playing the Iron Man series of slots online for any stake amount at the end of any paid for spin you could be awarded with the bonus pick and match bonus game.  This site has lots of information about this.

That bonus game sees you having to select off areas of the bonus game screen and by doing so you will reveal one of four different symbols. By getting three matching symbols you will then win the associated progressive jackpot. The best aspect of this bonus game is that you are guaranteed to win one of those four jackpots when you are awarded with it!

Iron Slots Bonus Games

Let us now enlighten you what makes each of the three Iron Man slot games from Playtech unique. Below you will find an overview of each of their respective bonus games along with information as to how each slot has been designed by way of its paylines structure and format.

Iron Man 1 Slot – The 25 paylines available on the original Mark 1 version of the Iron Man slot should all be put into play for by doing so you will get the maximum winning chances! When playing this slot and you trigger the bonus game you get to play off a missile shooting game on which cash prizes and free spins or multiplier values can be awarded to you.

Iron Man 2 Slot – You will find both a 25 and 50 payline version of the Iron Man 2 slot game, and when playing it if you spin in three or more of the bonus game awarding scatter symbols you are awarded with 10 free spins.

However, as you play off each free spins the multiplier in play on those free spins increases by one and an extra wild symbol also comes into play!

Iron Man 3 Slot – When and if you choose to play the 25 payline Iron Man slot game it will be the bonus game you will be hoping to trigger, for when you do you will then be given access to the Hall of Armour bonus round.

That bonus game will give you a choice of three different ways to play off a set of free spins. The first choice gives you 15 free spins with a dynamic multiplier value. The second option is a set of 10 free spins with freezing wild symbols and the third is a set of 8 free spins but with random wild symbols!